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And welcome to my site. I have loads of them 43 at the last count so I could keep you quiet for a while. There are links to my sites on the main page and all links open a new tab to stop you getting away. I have a passion for registering domain names. I think everyone should have an address on the Internet especially as you can have a flash email address like me@pjfb.org Philip James Finlay Bryan.  What's your address on the Internet? With IPV6 there is no shortage of addresses so no need to be shy. It will cost you about $45 a year. Small potatoes. I have my own server.
cogsOne of my favourites is http://DigitallyCompetent.com which is all about what it says. I love design - when I was a schoolboy I couldn't draw a straight line now I have a machine that will do it for me (does nice curves too).  There are millions of images out there some really cool. I also love making videos and you will find some here. Great fun! Everybody has a Gmail account these days and you get a YouTube account as well, I have put up over 450 of them and the best have had over 17k views. My channel is PhilipJamesBryan. I mix animations from virtual worlds and set them to music. I'll try and put one in the next tab. Well, it worked that's super. I really like tabs and will be using them a lot I think. It's a good way of presenting information and easy to use with a shortcode. It all seems to work very well. WordPress is looking to be a great choice for a platform as there are so many good plugins.
connectionsHave you had yours checked? Along with IQ it is a statement of where you are at digitally http://DQ.ie will tell you more. Be interesting to see I am nearly up to the proficient stage where you are able to code, not very good at coding me. However, I am working on it but as the blog says who needs to code these days?
robotWebsite or blog WordPress and plugins are great. You can produce either but what we are seeing is both. The website for the main site and then a blog incorporated in it. You can go to the blog here. One of the areas I am interested in is Artificial intelligence and you can find some posts on it on pjfb.org. It's important to keep up with the thinking around AI it will affect all of us.  Deep Learning is fascinating. You do realise that this site took me about a week to put together and is, apart from registration and hosting ($45 pa) it is all completely free. WordPress is free and so is the plugin Elementor and even this Responsive Tab is free. AND it is easy to put together. Watch an Elementor tutorial ( I recommend Tyler - type them both into Google you will find it. Actually I put it on the blog here) It's about an hour long in step by step form. You would then be able to produce a website like this. AND they are all different, there are dozens of variations and Tyler.com has loads of free templates.

You can of course just email me or call +353 (0) 89 429 7539 or pop in for a cup of tea 🙂

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